The Ins And Outs of Massage Outcalls vs Incalls

Something remarkable happens when you undergo an erotic massage. It’s as if something inside of you awoke to newly acquired self-discovery. It’s a sensual, erotic, and eye opening experience. Chances are, you’ve never been touched the way an erotic massage therapist will touch you. It is invigorating, enlightening, and maybe just a little bit orgasmic (both mentally and, potentially, physically).

The thing is, when looking for an erotic massage, you’ll find two general options: incall and outcall. If you haven’t booked a massage, or an escort, in the past, you might not know the difference or which one is better than the other. There are some benefits to both, as well as some major drawbacks. But don’t worry, we have all the details you need.

What Is An Incall Massage?

An incall massage is when you leave your hotel and go to a physical massage parlor. You know that random Asian massage joint that is tucked into some strip mall on the outskirts of the town you’re from? Yeah, that’s basically it.

The massage parlor doesn’t advertise, you don’t see anyone go in, and you don’t know anyone that has ever been there (at least they don’t tell you about it), but those spots are typically an “erotic” massage parlor.

Back home you’d have to cross your fingers and hope nobody sees your car parked out front. When you arrive you will probably be shown a few of the girls working and you can pick one of them. There’s no guarantee to the physical attractiveness of the women working. Often you’ll find the majority of them are on the older side (although, if we’re being real here, we’ve found the older women almost always give the better massage).

You select a girl, they will give you the massage of your choosing, you might haggle over extras during the massage, and then you will shower down at the conclusion of it. You pay, then get in your vehicle and leave.

Back home this is probably the only option you have for an erotic massage, especially if you have a significant other. We’d be willing to bet your girlfriend wouldn’t be cool with a geriatric Asian woman rolling up to give you an oil massage and a handy in the living room.

The thing is, you’re not at home, you’re in Vegas.

What Is An Outcall Massage?

A Las Vegas outcall massage is the exact opposite. You stay at your hotel and the massage specialist goes to you. This means you save time, you don’t have to drive across town, and nobody knows what’s going on in your room.

The outcall massage therapy Las Vegas service also makes it easier to end up with the woman of your choosing. Instead of being shown a handful of women, most of which probably saw better days a half-century ago, you are able to check out a selection of Outcall escort massage professionals and you can choose who you like the most. You can also book the outcall erotic massage right from the website, select how long, and go from there.

One of the major drawbacks of driving out to a massage parlor is you have to drive back. You will be totally and completely relaxed after your massage, and chances are you won’t want to do anything for a little while. Your muscles, body, and mind, are completely at ease. The last thing you want to do is try and pick up an Uber, then avoid the awkward silence during the ride back as the driver knows exactly what happened in the parlor (at least they think they do), and you know that they know. Instead, with an outcall massage, you never have to leave your room.

Probably, in the debate between incall vs outcall massages, the only real benefit with incall is you don’t have to clean up or deal with any oily messes inside your hotel room. You shower there and leave. With an outcall escort massage, there is often oil and other lubricants used, which can leave your bed a bit sticky. Yes, you can place a call to the front desk and ask for your bed to be done, but it’s still some extra effort.

Other than that, when considering outcall vs incall erotic massages, outcall is hands down the better option while you are in Las Vegas (again, when you’re back home, incall might be your own option. Just ask Robert Kraft).

Plenty of Massage Options

While we can get into more details regarding the kinds of massages on a different post, you will have access to the same massages when ordering outcall as you would with an incall. You will also find Las Vegas’s best outcall NURU massage through the escorts we have on our page. NURU is a Japanese massage that uses body heat to massage your body and loosen up your muscles. In other words, a special lubricant is applied to you and your escort’s body, and then she will rub you out with the various curves of her naked body.

Trust us, a NURU massage is just as good, if not better, than it sounds.

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