The Best Massage Parlor in Las Vegas

... is in your own room

Las Vegas massage parlors: what can you do?

Get a sensual massage from a beautiful woman, often in the nude. This can be offered as an incall service, meaning it is at their “brick and mortar” location. Or it can be an outcall massage service offered in your own hotel room.

I am traveling to Las Vegas with a friend, can we both book massages?

Yes. Massage parlors Las Vegas visitors can explore will often book multiple massages to happen at once. Depending on how friendly you are with the person you are traveling with, be sure that you are specific so that you know what you are going to get. In many instances, booking two massages at the same time will involve a same-room or couples’ massage. If you each want to be in different rooms with different experiences, state this at the time that you create the booking.

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How do I pay for the service?

You can pay for the service using either a credit card or cash.

Is my personal information safe if I go to a massage parlor?

We use the highest level of discretion. We understand that not everyone wants to openly admit that they are visiting an Asian massage parlor Las Vegas offers visitors and residents alike. Your contact information and your credit card information will be safe. If you are concerned about what level of protection is in place, you can call to ask questions before you book your services.

How does tipping for a massage usually work for the Las Vegas area?

The tipping should be at least 20% of the prices of the services. If you want various extras throughout the massage, you should be tipping at each request. Ideally, you should tip in cash as opposed to trying to add it to the bill at the end.

What is the cost if I want the services of a massage parlor in Las Vegas for an entire evening?

To obtain prices for an entire evening of massage services can vary. We recommend that you call us in order to get specific pricing. It will depend on the girl with which you want to book, where the services will be performed and more.

Will my massage artist be ok with photographs?

Typically not inside a massage parlor in Las Vegas. Most of our massage artists like to remain anonymous. If you do wish to take photographs of your service or of the girl, we ask that you identify this upfront so that we can do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Besides attire, can I request massage aids or other special accommodations?

Yes. Various extra services and tools can be used along with hot stones, aromatherapy, and more.

May I request the type of attire the massage girl(s) should wear?

This depends on the girl. Some of the girls within massage parlors in Las Vegas have a large selection of costumes and lingerie that they will wear for their clients. If you have a unique or specific request, we ask that you let us know. That way, we can find the right Chinese, Thai, or Latin girl to accommodate you.

live in Las Vegas, can I set a weekly recurring massage with one of the massage girls?

Yes, and this is common practice for many who enjoy having regular massage services. You can set up a schedule that works conveniently for you, regardless of whether you are near Downtown, Spring Mountain, or elsewhere in the area.

I travel to Nevada several times a year, how do I schedule the same massage girl in advance, for each visit?

You will have the ability to set up appointments in advance. This makes it easier to get a specific girl each time you visit Nevada. It is important to remember that you can also schedule to have services provided in your hotel room. If you want the best NURU massage, for example, you may want to let the parlor decide who the right girl for the job is. Additionally, if you visit different parts of Las Vegas, you may not be able to have the same massage girl as not all of them offer in-room services. As soon as you know where you’ll be staying, find the best massage parlor in Las Vegas-based on your locale, whether it is on Eastern Ave, Freemont St, or right on The Strip.

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Are all the girls in Las Vegas over 18?

Yes. All of the massage parlors in Las Vegas are required to employ girls who are legal, which makes them at least 18 years old. This ensures that there are no legal issues. Additionally, considering that there have been Las Vegas massage parlor arrests around East Desert Inn Road and elsewhere in the past due to age, we take the time to make sure that each girl we hire is of legal age.

Am I safe, I have heard bad stories from friends who used Vegas massage parlors?

We work hard to prevent fraud at Las Vegas massage parlors. Not all places are the same, however, we have a number of processes for who we hire, including background checks.

Will I be busted by police for going to an Asian massage parlor with happy ending services?

No. There’s a fine line between getting a Thai or Asian massage and specifically requesting sex, which in Las Vegas, is a crime because it is labeled as prostitution. A happy ending, in many instances, is simply something that happens as a result of a release due to a tantric massage. It’s important to understand that massage parlors offer massages. Massage parlor prostitution has been going on for ages – and there are massage parlor stings that will bust an establishment for offering prostitution. Since no one wants to get involved in Las Vegas massage parlor arrests, it’s simply better to ask about the services that they offer, including some of the erotic, full service options that may be available.

Do massage parlors provide male massage artists or just females?

This varies greatly on the massage parlor. As you look at a map of massage parlors, those on the Las Vegas Strip are more apt to offer both male and female massage artists. As you start to head down near South Point Casino and beyond, you will typically only find females. You should call in advance to book your appointment, or to have a massage artist sent directly to you. This gives you the opportunity to ask about your preferences and ensure you get the experience you want.

Can I book a massage with a different girl in every day I am in town?

Absolutely! Las Vegas massage parlors with the prettiest girls make a point of offering a large selection of girls for you to choose from. It can help you to tap into unique massages so that you can enjoy a heavily relaxing session every day of the week. You can also find a wide selection of girls to choose from – Korean, Mexican, and more

How does the a massage parlor in Las Vegas work?

A massage parlor business Las Vegas visitors and residents can enjoy can vary drastically from one to the next. Most will typically offer appointments as well as walkin service. You can call in advance to make an appointment for a specific massage service, everything from a Swedish massage, deep tissue to a tantric massage. Some will offer extras and even allow you to choose a specific massage therapist. Some even offer outcall services to your hotel room for the best massage in private offered by massage artists who can be at your door in 30 minutes.

What if the massage artist I like is unavailable, can you match me with another girl I will like as much or better?

Definitely! Let us know about the kind of girl you want so that we can choose a girl who is similar to the massage artist you wanted to be booked with. What is it about the girl that you liked? Was she a specialist in Oriental massage? Was she providing an exotic massage service? Did she have unique availability, such as being available early morning or late at night? Once you provide us with the details, we will take care of the rest.

Do massage girls speak foreign languages?

Some of the massage girls who grew up around Chinatown speak other languages. All of the girls speak English. Then, we have others who speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, and more.

If I didn’t know about your website, how would I find out about your services?

Many of the hotels by the Stratosphere and down the length of Las Vegas Blvd will recommend our services because of our vibrant reputation. We are known to have some of the prettiest girls, the most affordable prices, and we have availability 24 hrs a day. Particularly with fraud at Las Vegas massage parlors happening from time to time, you cannot always rely on a website. Talk to a hotel concierge or desk agent to see who they recommend – and you’ll find that we are highly recommended.

Can I order two massage girls at one time even if it is just for me?

Yes. One of the best ways to relax and truly take care of yourself is by booking two massage girls at once. This is common practice for not only couples’ massages but also for singles who want some added attention. If you thought you could relieve tension and muscle stress with one massage girl working on you, two is even better. Let us know that you want two girls, and we’ll take care of matching you with two massage artists who work well together

Will my massage artist have a drink with me?

Whether you are staying at the Tropicana, near Tuscany Suites, or elsewhere, it’s common to be able to get room service – or have drinks already waiting in the room for you. Not all massage artists are 21, which is the legal drinking age in Nevada. If the massage artist is over 21, she may choose to have a drink with you only after your services are done for the evening. This is up to her discretion and falls outside of the services that we provide to you as a massage parlor.

Can I pass on your services to friends I know will be visiting Nevada

Absolutely! One of the best ways that you can help a massage parlor is by spreading the word to your friends. Las Vegas massage parlor reviews online are not always helpful – so tell your friends about the services as well as let them know which girls to book with.

What if I am unsatisfied with my experience?

We work hard to provide the highest level of experience. If you are not happy during the services, be sure that you mention it to the massage girl. Many can make adjustments based on pressure points and such to ensure you are satisfied. If you are still not happy, let us know at the end of the service so that we can see what can be done