Vegas Massage Services

We Offer a Variety of Services For Your Needs

Couples Massage

This one is about as self explanatory as it gets. You, and your partner, significant other, spouse, sugar momma/daddy, fling, whomever, will receive a massage together. You both can simply be next to each other and receive individual massages while in the same room, or you can both partake in giving the other the massage. 

That part is up to you, but when there are two of you, it is a couples massage. 

In Room Massage

The worst aspect of any massage is the drive back to your home. You’re all relaxed, feeling great, but then you need to load your limber (and probably still slippery) body into a vehicle, while the old axle of the aged Uber and potholes quickly restore the tension back into your body. 

You can avoid all of that by booking an in room massage, which is a massage that takes place inside your hotel room. We can help make your room into a spa salon.

Naked Massage

You are naked (or disrobed down to your level of comfort), and this time your massage therapist is naked as well. If you want her to wear clothes, not a problem. But we rarely hear people complain that their hot escort was naked when rubbing them down. 

But theres a first time for anything.

Soapy Massage

Another massage where the title very literally is what happens. Instead of using oil to give you a massage this uses soapy bubbles. Remember when you took bubble baths as a kid and you’d pour copious amounts of Elmo bubble bath in so the tub was 1 part water, 4 parts bubbles? That’s pretty much what happens with a soapy massage. Both you and your massage therapist escort will be coated in soapy bubbles. You’ll never think of Splish Splash I’ll Be Taking A Bath the same way again.

Body Rubs With Oil

Everything’s better with oil. At least when it comes to being touched by someone else. Dry hands on dry skin is fine for a little bit, but it can start to get rough and even feel like a fine grit sandpaper eventually. Nobody wants that. 

A body rub with oil is exactly what the name suggests it is. A massage using oil.

Tantra Massage

Sting doesn’t have a monopoly on tantra activities. With a tantra massage it is all about the slow build. It’s the building of anticipation. Instead of being a rush to completion, this tantra massage will slowly work your body, and your mind, until you experience a release unlike anything else you’ve experienced before. Because as is the case with just about anything in life, the longer the build, the greater the anticipation, the better the finale. You’ll receive all of that and more with tantra body treatments.

Chinese Massage

Think of this as acupuncture but in massage form. Don’t worry, nobody is sticking you with any needles. With Chinese massage, it is about improving blood flow to help reduce stress and improve your body’s functionality. With this form of massage your therapist won’t only use her hands, but her elbows, feet, and other parts of her own body. Different trigger points in the body are believed to connect with various organs and functions. This is different from a Thai massage, which is pressure points, and deep tissue massage is all about working the knots directly. Chinese massage will feel both familiar, and different, all at the same time. 

Thai Massage

You don’t have to go to Thailand for a Thai massage (although, we’ll be honest, you probably won’t find a Thai massage for the $6 it’ll cost you over there). A Thai massage targets pressure points. Some of these pressure points aren’t specifically on the muscles, but it can be around joints, bones, tendons, and other areas of the body. 

Don’t worry, if you’ve received a traditional Thai massage in Thailand before and walked away in more pain than when you started, your experience here won’t be the same. It is far more soothing, exotic, and erotic. 

Korean Massage

Korean Massage focuses not only on reducing tightness in the body, but on improving the nervous system as well as the natural energy within your body. Like Chinese massage, your therapist isn’t only going to be using her hands, but elbows, feet, finger tips, and other areas of her own body. Some reflexology will also be incorporated into Korean massage. It’s like the physical therapist of the massage world. 

Oriental Massage

Yes, and this is common practice for many who enjoy having regular massage services. You can set up a schedule that works conveniently for you, regardless of whether you are near Downtown, Spring Mountain, or elsewhere in the Las Vegas area.

ASMR Massage

This is a new one, but if you’ve found yourself on one of those YouTube deep dive nights, where you start out looking at sports highlights and end up watching pore extraction and pet chiropractor videos, you’ve probably come across ASMR. 


Short for autonomous sensory meridian response, ASMR is that tingle sensation you experience when someone you like leans in and whispers into your ear, sending a shiver-like sensation along your spine and into your brain. This kind of massage is more about giving you tingles than it is a traditional massage. In fact, there’s very little touching going on. 


Some people experience tingles through whispers, with a soothing voice moving from one eat to the other. Then there are people who receive shivers from visual stimulation, such as hands gently waving close to your face without touching you. As if your body is preparing to be touched but nothing does. Or you might feel it when nails gently caress your neck and back.


If you’re not familiar with ASMR, YouTube it (and wear headphones) to get a better idea of this unique sensation and which triggers work best for you. 


Pretty much the same as the Oriental massage. It’s just how you refer to it. And, of course, you can have an Asian woman give you the massage (it feels a bit more authentic in our opinion when an exotic Asian woman gives the Asian massage, but hey, it’s your universe, we’re just here to help).

If we have to explain this then we’re questioning why you’re coming to Vegas, or do your parents know you’re on the computer? But, in case you’re not sure, let’s just say you will end the massage in perfect bliss.

All of the massages listed above (and those below) can be considered an erotic massage, depending on how the woman performs the massage on you. If you want a straightforward massage, you can request that. But with an erotic massage your therapist will be dressed seductively (or not have any clothes on at all), and she will touch you in ways a normal therapist would never touch you (see massage above). 

This is more along the lines of a girlfriend experience massage. It is slower, gentler, than an erotic massage. Of course, it will still be damn sexy, but it’s the kind of massage a lover gives you. 

This is a Japanese style of massage. It is naked body on naked body, with an application of special lubricating oil that draws out body heat. This way, your massage therapist can rub her naked body on yours and use her body heat to soothe your muscles. Think of it as a hot stone massage, but replace the stones with a hot body.